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David Montgomery showed the Minnesota Vikings how much of a difference-maker he can be.

The second-year running back continued his strong performance since missing the Week 10 matchup against the Vikings at Soldier Field. Montgomery rushed for a career-high 146 yards and two touchdowns Sunday in Minnesota, pushing the Bears to a second straight victory.

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The last game against the Vikings represented a low point for the Bears offense. The team managed 149 yards, including 41 rushing yards, with the team’s only touchdown coming on a Cordarrelle Patterson kick return.

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Five weeks later, the Bears looked like a different team, winning the game on the offense’s strength and topping 30 points for the third consecutive week in a 33-27 victory.

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Montgomery does not believe the change requires a detailed explanation.

“Just one word, really,” said Montgomery. “It’s ‘trust’—me trusting in them, them trusting in me. And the guys around us, the wide receivers, them trusting me, me trusting in them. That’s what it all falls down on is just trust. Trusting each other from the first snap to the last snap.”

Montgomery has now scored a touchdown in four consecutive games, the longest streak for a Bears player since Tarik Cohen’s four-game streak in 2018. Montgomery’s re-emergence, along with the running threat of reinstated starting quarterback Mitchell Trubisky, has kept defenses off balance.

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“It’s big because you have the threat of Mitch getting out onto the edge,” said coach Matt Nagy, “and then the play-actions—you’ve gotta keep them off-balanced with that. It’s all working in sync right now. All three parts of that are good.”

Over the last four weeks, Montgomery has rushed for 434 yards, accounting for nearly half of his season total. Over that period, he has averaged 6.1 yards per carry.

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“David is a beast, man,” said receiver Darnell Mooney. “You always know he is going to run through two or three guys regardless of who is around, but David is a monster, man. It doesn’t matter who is around. He’s going to push it through at least a couple more yards.”

Montgomery had recorded one rushing touchdown in the first nine games of the season. He has now recorded five in the last three games, including Sunday’s 14-yard score in the third quarter, the time when the Bears have struggled the most on offense.

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“The O-line just opened up a crease as they have been doing,” said Montgomery. “The receivers blocking their tails off. And I just seen it, and I hit it, kept my legs going and was able to get in there.”

Montgomery has been sure to praise his offensive line. The Bears’ current lineup, which included moving Cody Whitehair to guard and starting Sam Mustipher at center, has stayed constant for the past four games.

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“Kudos and hats off to those guys,” said Montgomery. “Like I said, Sam being a leader, Alex [Bars] being who he is, Charles [Leno Jr.] being who he is, Cody being who he is, [Germain] Ifedi, they all just come together. Their personalities just make that line so much better. So I appreciate those guys and everything that they do and how they come to work.”

Nagy’s offense has typically avoided leaning on a single running back. Montgomery is the first Bears player to rush for over 100 yards in consecutive games since Jordan Howard in 2016. However, with 32 carries on Sunday, Montgomery showed his value as an old school workhorse.

“Make it count,” said Montgomery. “Let’s not regret giving me that many carries. Let me make sure that I show my O-line that I’m giving them everything that I got, show the wide receivers that I’m giving them everything that I got every chance I get. That was just the main thing, letting them know that they got all of me.”

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Trubisky has mentioned the value of play-action to his recent improved play. However, for play-action to be effective, the defense needs to respect the running game. With his performance on Sunday, Montgomery showed that defenses underestimate him at their peril.

“From the first snap to the last,” said Montgomery, “you can always kinda tell how the defense wants to play against you, how the D-line’s flowing, how the linebackers are flowing, and being able to keep going and keep punching, you know that takes a toll on defenses. It was able to take a toll today, and we were able to capitalize off of it.”

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Do you believe in the latest version of Mitch Trubisky?

Do you want to believe in the latest version of Mitch Trubisky?

Those are the questions I raised on social media Sunday while the Bears were in the process of beating the Vikings. Those questions came before his very bad interception in the end zone late in the game, the one that would have given Minnesota a chance to win or tie if not for the fact that Minnesota had no chance against a Bears defense that had remembered it was good.

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I don’t want to give away my opinion just yet, but sources familiar with my thinking say my answers to the above questions are “no” and “are you serious?” For now, just know that Bears fans were all over the map in their responses, even as their team was on the way to a 33-27 victory and a much better shot at a playoff berth.

It was another reminder that, no matter which side of the Trubisky debate you fall on, there’s no arguing the hold he has on our town. That hold is either a hug or a hostage situation. A few responses from the gallery:

“I want to believe, but I have been burned too much by this guy.’’

“Kinda and yes.’’

“No and No. This is just some Tim Tebow 2.0 horse manure. It won’t win them rings.’’

“No. Yes.’’


Bears Mitchell Trubisky Jersey

“There is no ‘this’ about it. I have always believed in Mitch Trubisky. [Coach Matt] Nagy was the problem, and he was supposed to be the mentor that Mitch needed. Instead of building Tru up, he suppressed him.’’

“Do I: no. Do I want to: yes.’’

“I want to but … who the F knows?’’

Trubisky completed 15 of 21 passes for 202 yards and a touchdown Sunday. There has been something different about him since he came back from a seven-game benching last month, but I’m not sure if the new look is Trubisky’s doing. It might have something to do with playing the Lions, the Texans and the Vikings the last three weeks.

Put another way, in order for one Twitter follower to believe in this version of Trubisky, the quarterback “has to play good vs. a top 10 points-allowed defense.’’

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The Bears run the ball better with Nagy out of the play-calling business, which is to say they are actually running the ball now. On Sunday, they ran 42 times and passed 21 times. That imbalance gave Trubisky more room to maneuver, and it lessened the chances of him making bad mistakes. He ran eight times and rolled out numerous others. As Shakespeare put it so well, “It ain’t rocket science.’’

“I don’t want to quite say night and day, but our confidence is way up from earlier in the season, where it just seemed like we were a little unsure about what we wanted to do, who we wanted to be,’’ Trubisky said. “We have more of an identity now. It starts with running the football, and the play-action and movement game that comes off that.’’

David Montgomery ran 32 times for 146 yards and two touchdowns. Why the Bears weren’t putting this kind of

emphasis on the run game earlier in the season (or ever under Nagy) is a very good question. It’s probably something a discerning owner would ask during an exit interview.

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Last week, Mitch informed us of another “new’’ Mitch. This one is vocal with coaches about what plays and players he prefers in certain situations. It’s a much more assertive Mitch. Time will tell if this is just another Nagy-driven talking point. Depending on your outlook, the recent gushing about Trubisky is either music to your ears or scratching on a chalkboard.

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There is every reason to believe that victories over mediocre/bad teams down the stretch and a spot in the playoffs will allow Bears ownership to bring everyone back — general manager Ryan Pace, Nagy and . . . wait for it . . . Trubisky. That’s why I raised the question whether Bears fans wanted to believe in this version of the quarterback.

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To believe in Trubisky means one of two things, with no in-between: Either he’ll continue to improve or he’ll revert back to the quarterback who breaks your heart, if you make the mistake of showing him your chest cavity again.

Do you believe in the Mitch of the last three weeks or the Mitch of the previous three-plus years? To Trubisky or not to Trubisky, that is the question.

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The answer here is still “no.’’ I don’t believe in this shinier version. But I know the effect a tease can have on someone who really, really wants to believe. Someone like, say, a McCaskey.

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Bears coach Matt Nagy revealed Tuesday that the injury quarterback Nick Foles suffered late in Monday night’s loss to the Vikings isn’t as severe as initially suspected.

Foles hurt his hip and glute when he was slammed to the ground with :37 remaining in the game. The ninth-year pro was carted off the field in obvious pain. Nagy described the injury Tuesday as a contusion and a strain.

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“It wasn’t as bad as we once thought,” Nagy said. “So that was good news for us. He’ll be working through that here as we go; [we’ll] keep an eye on that kind of day-to-day.

“I was there when they were working on him. When I was on the field, I thought it was going to be a lot more significant … [but] it’s a lot better than I thought.”

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Nagy told reporters that he doesn’t expect Foles to be placed on injured reserve, a move that would sideline him for at least three games, saying: “I don’t see that happening.”

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Foles and fellow quarterback Mitchell Trubisky now are both dealing with injuries. Trubisky has missed the last two games after hurting his right shoulder on a 3-yard run Nov. 1 in a loss to the Saints at Soldier Field.

Nick Foles won’t start against the Packers on Sunday Night Football. Mitchell Trubisky gets the nod instead.

Unlike earlier in the season, when Foles took over for Trubisky due to performance issues, Week 12’s Foles absence is due to injury. He injured his hip late in Week 10 against the Vikings and wasn’t able to recover over Chicago’s bye week. Trubisky starts for the Bears (5-5) in an NFC North showdown with the Packers (7-3) on NBC on Sunday night.

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Here’s more about why Foles isn’t playing and when he might be back.

MORE: Mitchell Trubisky gets final chance to boost free-agent stock

What happened to Nick Foles?
With less than a minute left against the Vikings in Week 10, Foles was slammed to the ground by the Minnesota pass rush. He landed hard on the right side of his hip.

Foles was carted off the field as Tyler Bray finished out that game. Postgame, the Chicago Tribune reported that Foles had not fractured his hip.

MORE: Mitchell Trubisky’s record vs. Packers

Authentic Nick Foles Jersey

How long is Nick Foles out?
Leading into Week 12, Bears coach Matt Nagy said Chicago was still evaluating its quarterback decision, suggesting Foles had a chance to return to action against the Packers. But Foles was listed as a “Did Not Participate” at all three Chicago practices before the Sunday night game, suggesting he wasn’t especially close.

The official injury report listed Foles as doubtful, and he was officially an inactive behind Trubisky and Bray for Sunday Night Football.

While there’s been no clarity on the type of injury Foles sustained, the fact that Chicago didn’t place him on Injured Reserve (which forces him to miss three games) has to be a good sign. It gives Foles a chance to return to the practice field in Week 13 ahead of a matchup with the Lions.

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Whether Foles starts when he returns likely depends on Mitchell Trubisky’s performance in the meantime.

Nick Foles injury history
Foles hasn’t had a recorded hip injury during his college and NFL careers, according to Sports Injury Predictor. Foles’ injury history prior to the hip issue is as follows:

2012: Hand Metacarpal Fracture
2013: Head Cranial Concussion Grade 1
2014: Shoulder Clavicle Fracture
2018: Shoulder “Strain”
2019: Shoulder Clavicle Fracture

On Tuesday, Nagy left open the possibility of starting Trubisky a week from Sunday when the Bears return to action following their bye week by visiting the Packers in Green Bay. According to the coach, the health of the quarterbacks will be a key factor in making that determination.

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“They’re both a little banged up,” Nagy said. “That’s the No. 1 thing that we have to look at. What we’ll do, in complete honesty, is we’ll take this bye week here again and we will self-scout ourselves and we will see the ‘wheres’ and the ‘whys,’ and whatever we need to do, we will do on a lot of different areas.

“When you lose four games in a row, it’s all on the table. Everything’s out there. But the No. 1 thing with Nick and with Mitch that we are concerned about now is making sure their health is the No. 1 priority, and that’ll be significant here moving forward.”

“When I was on the field, I thought it was going to be a lot more significant … [but] it’s a lot better than I thought.”
Bears coach Matt Nagy on Nick Foles’ injury
Trubisky started the first three games of the season before being benched in favor of Foles during the second half of a Week 3 win over the Falcons. Trubisky has completed 59.3 percent of his passes for 560 yards with six touchdowns, three interceptions and an 87.4 passer rating. Since replacing Trubisky, Foles has connected on 65.0 percent of his passes for 1,852 yards with 10 TDs, eight interceptions and an 81.0 rating.

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In other injury news, Nagy revealed that defensive tackle Akiem Hicks exited Monday night’s game late in the third quarter with a strained hamstring. And the team was awaiting confirmation that punt returner Dwayne Harris sustained a torn triceps muscle.

Hicks played a major role in containing running back Dalvin Cook. The Vikings star was limited to 39 yards on 19 carries before Hicks left the game, and then rushed for 57 yards on 11 attempts in the fourth quarter with Hicks on the sideline.

Harris exited after muffing a punt that the Vikings recovered at the Bears’ 22 early in the third quarter. He was replaced by Anthony Miller, who returned two punts for 12 and 32 yards. Both returns gave the Bears the ball at the Minnesota 46. But on the two possessions the offense went three-and-out and turned the ball over on downs.