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This offseason, the Chicago Bears will more than likely see an overhaul at the wide receiver position.

It could start with Allen Robinson, who the Bears have Wholesale Chicago Bears Jerseys a couple of options with. The team had their chance to get an extension done with Robinson a long time ago, so it seems that ship has sailed.

Now, they can either use the franchise tag with their star receiver or watch him walk right out the door. Of course, using the franchise tag means Chicago Bears Jerseys China they could also trade him, which seems to be a common rumor going around lately.

Other than Robinson, there is a good chance something happens with Anthony Miller, who is entering his fourth season as a pro. Following the end of the season, there were reports that the Bears front office was unhappy with how Miller had gotten ejected Stitched Chicago Bears Jerseys in the game against the Saints, and rumors began floating around that he could be cut.

This is not an unlikely scenario by any means. Miller seems to have been skating on thin ice for a while now. At times, he’s dealt with drops in key moments. He’s also had a bit of an attitude over the years, and Matt Nagy has refused to hold him accountable.

That won’t matter anymore if he gets the boot. But, the Bears will need to find a replacement. Darnell Mooney will be one of their main guys Cheap Chicago Bears Jerseys on the outside, but Miller’s role in the slot will need to be filled.

If the Bears decide to fill Miller’s spot via free agency, there are a few different options they could go with. One of these following names make sense, and most would be quite affordable.

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