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I haven’t seen or heard anything about Eddie Goldman since the end of the season. Is he returning to the Bears after opting out of the 2020 season?
Paul K.

Listening to general manager Ryan Pace on a video call with reporters Tuesday, it certainly sounded like the Bears anticipate that Custom Chicago Bears Jerseys veteran nose tackle Eddie Goldman will return to the team in 2021 after opting out of the 2020 season due to COVID-19. Said Pace: “We’ve communicated with Eddie on a regular basis. We did that during the season as well. Obviously, we really missed him this year. Excited to get him back in the mix. Coach [Chris] Rumph, our new defensive line coach, has communicated with him as well. So that’s all been part of it and obviously he’s a big piece of what we’re doing. So we’re excited about that.” Getting Goldman back obviously should provide a huge boost for the defense.

With the salary cap lower than expected in 2021 because of COVID, do you think the Bears are going to release some veterans in the next couple weeks?
Ryan D.
Bolingbrook, Illinois

GM Ryan Pace on Tuesday confirmed a report that the Bears are releasing veteran nickel back Buster Skrine. With the salary cap expected to be around $180 million—or $20 million less than originally expected—more players could be cut or have their contracts restructured to create cap space, something the Bears have done in the past. Here’s how Pace responded when asked by a reporter whether veterans Akiem Hicks or Kyle Fuller could be cap casualties: “Without getting into specific players, this is going to be a year [where] it’s going to be about adjusting. We’re not the only team in the league dealing with these circumstances. Everyone’s prepping for a tighter cap. We have a plan in place with that. It involves different things. There’s different ways for us to create room with our cap, not just releasing players. That’s a hard part of the business. We had a difficult decision with Buster yesterday and there’ll be some decisions to make. I think you’re going to see more of that around the league than you’ve ever seen. But we’re prepared. We’re expecting the cap to be about 180 [million], so we’re prepared for that and we’ll operate accordingly.”

When the college football season ended, most draft experts were saying that Alabama quarterback Mac Jones would probably be available when the Bears picked at No. 20 in the first round. Why, all of a sudden, are they all now projecting him as a top-10 or top-15 pick? What changed?
Phil W.

Mac Jones likely boosted his draft stock by performing very well in Senior Bowl practices in late January. Although he’s considered the fifth best quarterback in the draft by some analysts, the top four are all underclassmen. So Jones was the only one among them eligible for the Senior Bowl, and he made the most of his opportunities to shine in practice (though he didn’t play in the game due to an ankle injury he sustained late in the week). Add to that his stellar senior season at Alabama and it’s easy to understand why Jones is projected by some to be a top-10 pick. Last year he led the Crimson Tide to the national championship, passing for 41 touchdowns and just four interceptions.

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Depending on your point of view, it’s probably good news seeing that four of the five starers who were part of an improved group down the stretch. And if you add James Daniels to the mix with Charles Leno Jr., Cody Whitehair, Alex Bars, and Sam Mustipher, this collection of linemen could be better positioned in the trenches in 2021.

Joining that group of projected starters who also happen to be under contract are Bobby Massie (more on him in a bit), Dieter Eiselen, Arlington Hambright, Lachavious Simmons, and Badara Traore. Hambright and Simmons Nike Chicago Bears Jerseys were seventh-round draft picks in 2020, but are still projects. Same for last year’s UDFAs, Eiselen and Traore. It would be nice for a few of these players to grow into usable depth pieces, but none of them are at that point yet.

Germain Ifedi is the only starter from last year’s line who isn’t on the books for 2021. Ifedi began the season at guard before moving to right tackle out of necessity. In the right system, Ifedi could be a valuable sixth offensive lineman, someone who can start in a pinch and not tank your line’s production. Knowing the Bears’ history with a lack of depth, they should consider retaining Ifedi in that role (but only if the price is right).

Rashaad Coward made 15 starts over the last two seasons. And while the converted nose tackle gave us a fun story to follow, his play at right guard and right tackle was unsatisfactory. Maybe he could be a late-bloomer who grows into the position after putting in more work on his craft. But the Bears can’t afford to start a project if they’re in a competitive window.

Jason Spriggs comes off the books after playing just eight games in his first (and perhaps, only) year with the Bears after four seasons with the Packers

Both tackles are serious cut candidates, but for different reasons.

Chicago could release Bobby Massie, creating $5.4 million in cap space by doing so. Massie’s strengths were in durability and reliability, but injuries cut short his last two seasons. And as he enters his age 32 season, it might make most sense to part ways with him now. Should the Bears decide they want to spread the dead money hit over two years, the team could clear $8 million in a post-June 1 cut, leaving the team with $1.3 million of “dead money.”

Cutting Charles Leno Jr. is a popular sentiment in some circles, although I struggle to see why. Leno isn’t a top-tier left tackle, but he isn’t a bottom-of-the-barrel guy either. But sometimes, it’s difficult to draw a line between being league average at a premier position and being a cut below. And it’s not as Leno is being paid beyond his production. But for the sake of this post, it’s worth pointing out the Bears could cut Leno and create $6.2 million in cap space. Although, it would come with a $5.1 million hit in the dead money department. A post-June 1 cut could spread that hit over two years, making it a more sightly $2.3 million — all while clearing $9 million in cap room.

Remember, post-June 1 cut designations can be used for only two players. So should the Bears decide to go this route, they should choose wisely.

Cap numbers via

Before we jump into addressing the group with external options, the Bears must once again do some self-scouting internally.

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After releasing an excellent corner to create needed cap space, the Bears have secured Kyle Fuller’s replacement.

Chicago is signing veteran corner Desmond Trufant to a one-year deal, NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero reported Nike Chicago Bears Jerseys Saturday, per a source. Fuller’s release, which was originally reported on Thursday, was made official Saturday.

The 30-year-old corner appeared in just six games in his lone season with the Lions in 2020, recording four passes defensed and one interception to go along with 20 tackles and one sack. His performance dropped dramatically in those six contests, posting a coverage grade of 36.7, per Pro Football Focus.

Prior to leaving Atlanta for Detroit, Trufant was a solid defensive back, and his steep decline in 2020 makes one wonder if it was a product of the Lions’ overall struggles — Detroit ranked 30th in the league against the pass — or an indicator of things to come. If anything, Trufant can be encouraged by the fact he’ll be jumping to a team with a better defense than the one he played for in 2020.

Chicago hopes Trufant can rediscover the form he last displayed in Atlanta.