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In 2017 it was the Bears making a risky second-round pick to select Adam Shaheen and it didn’t work out. He’s made 38 receptions in four years and the Dolphins say they like him now. But with just 12 catches, the blocking they get better be pretty solid for Shaheen ever to live up to status as a second-round pick or even Chicago Bears Jerseys China the sixth-round pick the Bears got in exchange when they dealt him.

It was with this Division II selection from Ashland that Bears GM Ryan Pace should have sworn off small school selections, but didn’t.

They took Stephen Denmark from Valdosta State in 2019 and last year were the only NFL team to select a player from Historically Black Colleges and Universities when they picked Tennesse State offensive lineman Lachavious Simmons in Round 7.

There is a big difference between taking a player from a smaller or less known school early like Shaheen or the Patriots did with Lenoir-Ryne’s Kyle Dugger, and taking one in Round 7 like with Denmark, who is no longer with the Bears—or even linebacker E.J Speed of Tarleton State, who went to the Colts in Round 5 in 2019.

When risk is lower at the end of the draft it can be worth taking a shot. The way Pace says he analyzes small-school prospects is by whether they were able to dominate at their level of play.

This year the concensus top small-school player is an offensive lineman, even more highly regarded than St. John’s of Minnesota’s fourth-rounder Ben Batch was last year.

It’s Division III Wisconsin-Whitewater’s Quinn Meinerz, a center/guard who is said by FanNation’s NFL Draft Bible to be the best center prospect in the draft and has a second-round grade.

Drafting another center or guard seems the least likely move the Bears would make in this draft when they have Cody Whitehair, Sam Mustipher, James Daniels and even Alex Bars who can play center or guard, and they drafted guard/tackle types Simmons and Arlington Hambright last year in Round 7. Germain Ifedi was a guard or tackle. They have interior linemen everywhere imaginable.

There are a few smaller school players at need positions who could interest the Bears in later rounds of this draft, or even as undrafted free agents.

Edge Chris Garrett, Concordia-St. Paul

A freakish sack machine from the Milwaukee area at 6-3, 245, he made 1.3 sacks per game which was third best in NCAA Division II history. He finished with 36 sacks and 15 forced fumbles. Then held up well against Division I competition at the Hula Bowl. He had earned an East-West Shrine game invitation but it was canceled. Garrett will have a pro day April 1 so more will be known on his measurables then.

Tackle Calvin Ashley, Florida A&M

Ashley is about as raw as a candidate could get but his size keeps scouts from immediately dismissing him as an undrafted free agent. The asterisk on Pace’s belief smaller school players must dominate is they can also have unique athletic ability or traits. At 6-foot-7, 335 pounds it’s easy to see why Ashley attracted a crowd of about 10 NFL teams to a pro day workout, including Bears scouts and scouts from all the other NFC North teams. This player is very raw. He was with Auburn and started one game, then briefly Florida Atlantic but left for personal reasons, then had seven starts at Florida A&M before opting out in 2020. He might be considered a long-term project type like LSU’s Badara Traore has been at tackle with the Bears. NFL Draft Bible rates him as an undrafted free agent type and the 15th-best left tackle available, although his foot speed might require he be at right tackle.

Cornerback Bryan Mills, North Carolina Central

NFL Draft Bible has given Mills a much higher grade than many other scouting services or on-line analysts. He was given a third-round grade. Although N.C. Central is a Division I program, they are in the HBCU and as such there have been very few players come into the league from those programs in recent years, Simmons being the perfect example with the Bears. Mills has the height to be an effective outside cornerback in the NFL but badly needs to bulk up because he weighs 170. He has speed and leaping ability but technique issues can cause him to slide back, according to scouting reports. Although thin, he is very aggressive as a defender and tackler.

Tight End Zach Davidson, Central Missouri

This year’s version of Adam Trautman, he’s believed to be a Day 3-type who is an excellent all-around athlete. He was also a punter who averaged around 40 yards a punt, so some team could be set in an emergency situation with him on the roster. At 6-7, 245, he could add some weight but his athleticism and route-running ability are such that they offset possible problems from facing lower competition. And at 6-7, he definitely has the catch radius. NFL Draft Bible views him as the seventh-best tight end in the draft and a fourth-round pick. As a punter, he had 29 punts of 50 yards or longer.


Running Back JaQuan Hardy, Tiffin

NFL Draft Bible lists him as the 22nd best back available and an undrafted free agent type. He set a conference record with 7.62 yards per carry, the fifth highest in Division II, while rushing for a conference record of 1,554 yards. A possible fit for the Bears is he is very experienced with RPO offense and is regarded as a threat as a receiver.

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After a much anticipated offseason, where many expected the Chicago Bears to move the needle at the quarterback position, the Bears made an underwhelming move last week signing 10 year veteran Andy Dalton to a one-year deal Custom Chicago Bears Jerseys that will see Dalton have a cap hit of just $10.5M in 2021 according to Over The Cap.

Chicago’s options heading into free agency were limited. There wasn’t a lot of starting-caliber talent at the quarterback position available, however, Dalton’s starting experience as a 10 year veteran is certainly hard to ignore. Spending nine seasons with the Cincinnati Bengals and one season with the Dallas Cowboys, he’ll enter his 11th season in Chicago with 74 career wins.

Many expect Chicago to regress in 2021 and it won’t be because of Dalton. Chicago has made a number of head-scratching moves this offseason but ensuring Dalton the starting gig is one of many.

“They told me I was the starter — that was one of the reasons why I wanted to come here,” Dalton said. “So every conversation I’ve had has been that, so that’s the assurance that I’ve gotten.”

Something that has become a trend for Bears under head coach Matt Nagy is familiarity, especially at the quarterback position. Since hiring Nagy in 2018, there’s been at least one veteran quarterback on the active roster who’s worked with the offensive staff in some capacity in the past. Chase Daniel worked with Nagy in Kansas City. Last offseason, the Bears added Nick Foles via trade, who worked with Nagy, offensive coordinator Bill Lazor, and quarterbacks coach John DeFilippo at some point in his career.

Add Dalton to that mix of veteran quarterbacks with ties to the Bears staff. Lazor worked with Dalton in Cincinnati for three seasons from 2016 until 2018, first as a quarterbacks coach and then as an offensive coordinator for two seasons.

“Bill and I have a great relationship,” Dalton said. “He was my quarterback coach and then he took over as offensive coordinator. I really enjoyed my time working with him. It wasn’t just him as a coach, it was him as a person, him as a friend. I think that’s gonna make this whole transition here a lot easier just because we have this past relationship. We kept in contact throughout the years, even when he wasn’t in Cincinnati. I’m excited to get back to working with him and seeing what we can do offensively.”

It’s clear that Dalton’s past relationship with Lazor played a factor into him signing with the Bears. In the three seasons that the duo worked together, Dalton passed for 10092 yards, 64 touchdowns, and completed 62.3 percent of his passes. Now that the two are working together again, Dalton hopes to impact the Bears offense moving forward.

“Offensively, we want to be multiple, we don’t want to have just one identity of this is what we’re going to do,” Dalton said. “We want to be able to change tempos, we want to be able to spread people out, but also going to dense formations and do different things. The versatility that we want to bring offensively gives you the advantage, from shift and motion to all the different things that go along with playing offense. That’s the thing that we’re excited about. There’s stuff to build on from what this team was able to be last year. For me, I’m excited to kind of dig into the playbook and dig into the tape and see exactly how we want this thing run.”

Dalton is walking into a situation where he’ll have a solid core of playmakers around him. Chicago’s playmakers feature wide receivers Allen Robinson and Darnell Mooney, running backs David Montgomery and Tarik Cohen, and then emerging second-year tight end Cole Kmet. A group that on paper is solid but will need to execute and quickly develop chemistry with Dalton for the Bears offense to succeed.

“I’m a guy who brings a lot of experience and has played in a lot of games,” Dalton said. “I have done a lot in this league. That’s a big part of it. at this point in my career, you want to join a team that is competitive, that is doing things the right way, is turning in the right direction and to get a chance to come in and start for a team like this, that’s a great opportunity for me.”

Outside Halas Hall, there isn’t a lot of optimism surrounding the Bears as they continue to build towards 2021. However, Dalton certainly views the Bears differently: A team that’s heading into the right direction and can compete with anyone. Chicago still has a lot of work to do this offseason, however, the belief is that Dalton’s vision for the Bears offense, along with his past experience will allow for the Bears compete in 2021.

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Do you believe in the latest version of Mitch Trubisky?

Do you want to believe in the latest version of Mitch Trubisky?

Those are the questions I raised on social media Sunday while the Bears were in the process of beating the Vikings. Those questions came before his very bad interception in the end zone late in the game, the one that would have given Minnesota a chance to win or tie if not for the fact that Minnesota had no chance against a Bears defense that had remembered it was good.

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I don’t want to give away my opinion just yet, but sources familiar with my thinking say my answers to the above questions are “no” and “are you serious?” For now, just know that Bears fans were all over the map in their responses, even as their team was on the way to a 33-27 victory and a much better shot at a playoff berth.

It was another reminder that, no matter which side of the Trubisky debate you fall on, there’s no arguing the hold he has on our town. That hold is either a hug or a hostage situation. A few responses from the gallery:

“I want to believe, but I have been burned too much by this guy.’’

“Kinda and yes.’’

“No and No. This is just some Tim Tebow 2.0 horse manure. It won’t win them rings.’’

“No. Yes.’’


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“There is no ‘this’ about it. I have always believed in Mitch Trubisky. [Coach Matt] Nagy was the problem, and he was supposed to be the mentor that Mitch needed. Instead of building Tru up, he suppressed him.’’

“Do I: no. Do I want to: yes.’’

“I want to but … who the F knows?’’

Trubisky completed 15 of 21 passes for 202 yards and a touchdown Sunday. There has been something different about him since he came back from a seven-game benching last month, but I’m not sure if the new look is Trubisky’s doing. It might have something to do with playing the Lions, the Texans and the Vikings the last three weeks.

Put another way, in order for one Twitter follower to believe in this version of Trubisky, the quarterback “has to play good vs. a top 10 points-allowed defense.’’

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The Bears run the ball better with Nagy out of the play-calling business, which is to say they are actually running the ball now. On Sunday, they ran 42 times and passed 21 times. That imbalance gave Trubisky more room to maneuver, and it lessened the chances of him making bad mistakes. He ran eight times and rolled out numerous others. As Shakespeare put it so well, “It ain’t rocket science.’’

“I don’t want to quite say night and day, but our confidence is way up from earlier in the season, where it just seemed like we were a little unsure about what we wanted to do, who we wanted to be,’’ Trubisky said. “We have more of an identity now. It starts with running the football, and the play-action and movement game that comes off that.’’

David Montgomery ran 32 times for 146 yards and two touchdowns. Why the Bears weren’t putting this kind of

emphasis on the run game earlier in the season (or ever under Nagy) is a very good question. It’s probably something a discerning owner would ask during an exit interview.

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Last week, Mitch informed us of another “new’’ Mitch. This one is vocal with coaches about what plays and players he prefers in certain situations. It’s a much more assertive Mitch. Time will tell if this is just another Nagy-driven talking point. Depending on your outlook, the recent gushing about Trubisky is either music to your ears or scratching on a chalkboard.

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There is every reason to believe that victories over mediocre/bad teams down the stretch and a spot in the playoffs will allow Bears ownership to bring everyone back — general manager Ryan Pace, Nagy and . . . wait for it . . . Trubisky. That’s why I raised the question whether Bears fans wanted to believe in this version of the quarterback.

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To believe in Trubisky means one of two things, with no in-between: Either he’ll continue to improve or he’ll revert back to the quarterback who breaks your heart, if you make the mistake of showing him your chest cavity again.

Do you believe in the Mitch of the last three weeks or the Mitch of the previous three-plus years? To Trubisky or not to Trubisky, that is the question.

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The answer here is still “no.’’ I don’t believe in this shinier version. But I know the effect a tease can have on someone who really, really wants to believe. Someone like, say, a McCaskey.